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Why you need it?

Why you will actually use it

Tipping in a restaurant is a simple task, except when it isn't. Paying bills when going out with friends is always problematic and causes a headaches when collecting money. The app solves this problem exactly at the moment you need it. The goal was to create an intuitive tool that would solve all the hassles of tipping at home and while traveling - a tool that people would actually use.

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Complete tool

It is designed to be complete, simple and efficient. You can easily use it for basic calculations but you can smoothly go to more complex tasks. Let's you effortlessly splitting, sharing and archiving the bill for future statistics. It also helps you remember if someone has to pay their share later.


Fully customizable

You can split the bill and tip as you wish, equally, proportionally or according to your own rules. The app even suggests you some anti-fraud rounding to avoid cheating. You can set default values for every aspect of the calculation, saving you time in everyday use.


Travel companion

If you are abroad, the app provides instant conversion of all values into your home currency using 170 currencies updated every hour. It also includes a worldwide tipping guide covering more than 220 countries and territories with tipping rules and related curiosities, so you can be sure you won't go wrong. By archiving all calculations and statistics, the application will help you manage your personal finances and travel expenses.


Complete and Powerful

Check out the main features of the app below

TAX Exclusion

Calculate the tip of the sum before or after tax. The app suggests common US and Canadian tax rates, but you can set everything manually.

Advanced bill splitting

Split the bill equally, proportionally or assign specific items to specific people. You can also link people who want to pay together.

Change calculating

Find out easily how much change you need to return to others and send your friends the calculation results and the part to pay or return.

Worldwide tipping guide

The app provides a complete guide to all countries and territories in the world that includes the most popular rates and rules for tips, making it a very helpful advisor when traveling abroad.

Currency converter

Follow all calculations in both currencies (home and local) at the same time, they are done instantly, so you can always check the actual cost of the service and tip for your pocket. The application includes all international currencies, even the most exotic ones.

Expenses tracking

Easily archive bills, calculations and recipe photos for future statistics to keep track of your personal finances both at home and while traveling.


Intuitive and User-friendly

Smart design

Fast and intuitive. Calculate the tip with minimum number of taps. Use advanced features only when you need them.


The order of the fields guides you step by step through the entire process of tipping in an intuitive way.


Define the defaults tip and tax percentage, tip amount, home and current currency, rounding rules, number of people. This way, the most popular rate or amount will always be visible on the home screen.

Dark Mode

The use of a dark screen with greater contrast makes the application readable even in dark restaurants and pubs.

Offline Mode

The application works perfectly without an Internet connection, so you can use it literally anywhere on earth.


What makes Ultimate Tip Calculator different?

Worldwide Tipping Guide

Tipping politic could be tricky and vary widely from country to country. The app includes a global tipping guide where you can find literally every country and territory in the world and the rules for how to tip there.

Anti-Fraud rounding system

By using a simple algorithm, you can detect possible frauds on your bank statements and check that the amount has been correctly charged.

Currency Converter

The app includes a currency exchange tool that converts the current currency into your home currency in real time. Calculations are made immediately so you can see the actual cost of the service and a tip for your pocket. The application supports all international currencies, even the most exotic ones.

Advanced Bill Splitting

Items from the bill can be added individually using the drag and drop system for each group member. You can divide the entire bill equally among friends or put specific dishes and drinks to a specific person. You can also connect people who want to pay together and round to facilitate the collection of money.


Manage your expenses at home and while traveling abroad by archiving calculations and photos of your recipes.

Artificial Intelligence

Just take a picture of the recipe to automatically import all amounts into the app.


Modern and Stylish design

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