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All you need to tip well. Tipping, splitting, sharing, worldwide tipping guide, statistics, currency converter and more.

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Fast and intuitive. Calculate the tip in a few seconds. Use advanced features only when you need them.

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Get instant access to whole functionalities for free. No anyioning advertisement, no data collection.

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 … Functionalities …

  • Flexible Tip Rate – it’s only up to you how to rate the service; you can set your own tip indicator or choose from the standard tips in the side menu.
  • Excluding TAX – you can calculate the tip of the sum before or after tax. We provide common tax rates for the US and Canada, but you can always set them manually and set as default rate.
  • Real-time calculation – calculations are done immediately so you can see how changing one field affects others.
  • Customizable rounding – it’s entirely up to you if and what you want to round up or down (tip’s amount, total bill with tip, the amount that each companion must pay). You can choose a number from the side menu, put it yourself or just use the arrow buttons below to round up or down to the nearest number. You can even create your own rounding rules!
  • Split bill – items from the bill can be added individually using the drag and drop system for each group member. In the second tab, you can divide the entire bill evenly into friends or put specific dishes and drinks to a specific person and divide the rest of the bill into all. You can also connect people who want to pay together and round off to make it easier to collect money.
  • Return of changes – the third tab presents the whole summary of the invoice, and also informs how many changes you have to finally return to everyone.
  • Share with friends – after calculations, you can easily send your friends the total bill and the part that they have to pay or return.
  • Statistics – You can easily archive all your bills and enjoy weekly or monthly summaries of expenses and tips for restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, travel guides or whatever you want to control.
  • Artificial Intelligence – automatic reading of values from receipts and archiving of their photos.
  • Rounding system to prevent fraud – using a simple algorithm, you can detect possible fraud on your bank statement and check that the amount has been charged correctly.
  • Full world tipping guide – We’ve literally reviewed all countries and territories, checked their tip policy, local customs and currencies. We’ve included the summary of this research in the fourth tab as a helpful advisor when traveling abroad. We assure you that local check-in rules for service employees are very different and can sometimes surprise you completely.
  • Currency converter – The application also includes a currency exchange tool that converts the current currency into the national currency in real time (e.g. dollar, pound, franc, euro, yen, yuan). Calculations are done immediately so you can see the actual cost of the service and tip for your pocket. The application uses all international currencies, even the most exotic.

… Smart Design …

  • Self-explanatory – the order of the fields guides the user step by step through the entire tipping process in an intuitive way.
  • Personalization – In the Settings section you can define defaults tip and tax percentage, tip’s amount, home and current currency, rounding rules, number of people. This way, the most common rate or amount will always be visible on the home screen.
  • Dark mode – using a dark screen interface with greater contrast makes the application easy to read even in dark restaurants and pubs.
  • Offline mode – the application works perfectly without an Internet connection, so you can use it literally anywhere on earth.
  • User-friendly interface – the numbers on the screen are large and easy to read, the colors have been selected taking into account visibility in accordance with the recommended standards. The interface is intuitive and you can easily find every section you are looking for.

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